A Woman Marries Herself and Divorces Within 24 Hours: The Viral Social Media Story

In a bizarre turn of events, Argentine social media influencer Sophie Mayur made headlines after marrying herself and divorcing within 24 hours. This unusual act sparked mixed reactions from social media users, with some applauding her independence, while others called it a cheap publicity stunt.

The Wedding

Sophie Mayur shared pictures of herself dressed in a beautiful wedding gown on social media platforms, where she declared that the day was the most exciting of her life. She even went ahead and bought a wedding ring and made a cake for the occasion. Sophie’s social media followers were quick to react, with some congratulating her on this act of self-love, while others ridiculed her for trying to gain cheap fame.

The Divorce

Just 24 hours after announcing her marriage to herself, Sophie took to social media again, this time announcing her decision to divorce herself. It came as a surprise to many, given that the announcement of her marriage was so sudden. She didn’t give any reasons for her decision, but social media users had plenty to say about her quick change of heart.

Social Media Reaction

Sophie’s viral story generated a lot of buzz on social media and the news. People had mixed reactions, with some lauding her for being independent and self-sufficient, while others criticized her for seeking attention. Regardless of what people thought, Sophie managed to create a buzz on social media and got the attention she was seeking.


Sophie Mayur’s story of marrying herself and divorcing within 24 hours is a unique one. While some see it as an act of self-love and independence, others view it as a cheap way to get attention. Whatever the case, Sophie’s story is a reminder that people will go to great lengths to get noticed on social media and the internet.

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