AKP Agnis Juwita Manurung’s Viral Video: Here’s the Clarification

AKP Agnis Juwita Manurung has recently become the talk of the town on social media platforms. Her viral video, which features her hedonistic lifestyle, has been the subject of discussion among netizens. Here’s the clarification of the issue.

The video of Kasatlantas Polres Malang, AKP Agnis Juwita Manurung, has gone viral on TikTok, making her name trend on search engines. However, it has also sparked discussions among people who accused her of showing off her wealth and living a hedonistic lifestyle.

Kapolres Malang, AKBP Putu Kholis Aryana, responded to the allegations on Monday (27/3/2023) and stated that they had received reports about the video since Friday (24/3/2023).

According to AKBP Putu Kholis Aryana, Agnis had reported the account that posted the video on TikTok on Friday. The authorities then verified the video’s contents after receiving the report.

However, after conducting the verification, Kholis clarified that the narration in the video and the items in the video did not match. Agnis also provided proof of the items in the video, which was different from what she narrated in the video. Agnis even had evidence in the form of other photos that explained the origin and type of the items.

Kholis explained that some of the items belonged to Agnis’s parents, while others were borrowed from her friends. Additionally, some items, such as sandals, were bought by Agnis herself, but they were not foreign brands. Instead, they were local brands that looked similar to foreign brands.

Kholis further clarified that Agnis is currently providing evidence to support her claim in Polda Jatim. She is focusing on proving that not everything shown in the video is true.

Regarding the photos posted on the @pejabatcurang account, which were taken from Agnis’s Instagram account, Kholis stated that Agnis admitted to posting them. However, she had deleted them at the end of 2022.

Kholis also mentioned that they had instructed their staff not to lead a lavish lifestyle, in accordance with the instructions from Kapolri Jenderal Listyo Sigit Prabowo. They even created internal rules derived from mabes and polda to disseminate to Polres and Polsek in Kabupaten Malang.

In conclusion, AKP Agnis Juwita Manurung’s viral video has caused a stir among netizens. However, after conducting an investigation, it was found that not everything shown in the video was true. The authorities are currently verifying the evidence presented by Agnis to provide clarity on the issue.

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