Ali Zafar denies entry into politics amidst viral social media image – Ali Zafar, the internationally renowned singer and actor, is making headlines for a social media image that has gone viral with the chant of “Sher Aya Sher Aya” The image shows Ali Zafar wearing a hoodie with various political party symbols and slogans.

However, Ali Zafar has denied any entry into politics and has refuted news reports claiming otherwise. In a video statement on his microblogging site Twitter, Ali Zafar stated that he wore the hoodie during a sound check before his concert in Toronto last night.

He further clarified that the hoodie was adorned with symbols and slogans of various political parties and that it was being shared on social media with false claims of his entry into politics. Ali Zafar emphasized that he is an artist and that the hoodie was simply a part of his wardrobe, not an indication of any political affiliation.

Ali Zafar’s denial comes as a relief to his fans who were taken aback by the social media uproar. While it’s common for artists to make political statements through their work, Ali Zafar has always maintained a distance from politics. The singer and actor’s statement puts an end to any rumors of his entry into politics.

Ali Zafar’s clarification also highlights the power of social media in spreading misinformation. The image in question was shared widely, with many claiming that Ali Zafar had joined a political party. However, Ali Zafar’s video statement provides a lesson on the importance of fact-checking before sharing content on social media.

In conclusion, Ali Zafar’s denial of any political involvement amidst the viral social media image has put to rest any rumors of his entry into politics. The incident also serves as a reminder of the need to fact-check information before sharing it on social media.

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