Blippi Harlem Poop Shake Viral Video – Steezy Grossman Poop Shake Video – Blippi Harlem Poop Shake, Blippi the popular YouTube kids entertainer, has amassed a massive following of 3.5 million subscribers with his quirky persona, orange bow tie, and cloying voice. But, did you know that his past involves a viral video that has shocked social media? In 2013, Stevin John, Blippi’s real name, created a comedic video that shows him taking an explosive diarrhea shit on his friend’s in a twisted rendition of the “Harlem Shake” meme.

Blippi’s Early Days as Steezy Grossman

Before he became the internet’s favorite children’s entertainer, Stevin John worked as a filmmaker in LA under the name “Steezy Grossman.” He created low-budget comedy videos, including titles like “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man.” While Blippi’s video may be shocking, it’s not John’s first brush with internet fame. However, John acknowledges that the video was created before he started Blippi.

Blippi’s Viral Fame and Kinder-Fervor

Despite his shocking past, Blippi’s fans remain loyal, especially among toddlers who consider him the “Greatest Thing They Have Ever Seen.” Blippi has cultivated a raw kinder-fervor among his young fans, which has helped him grow his YouTube channel to over 3.5 million subscribers. However, as a public figure and a children’s entertainer, Blippi’s past is not something to be taken lightly.

Blippi’s Pivotal Moment

Blippi’s pivot to mainstream children’s entertainment is unexpected, given his previous online persona. However, it’s clear that Stevin John’s comedic past has not hindered his success as Blippi. While some may argue that Blippi’s past should not affect his present, it’s important to remember that public figures have a responsibility to uphold certain standards. So you can watch video here below links.

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Final Thoughts

Blippi’s Harlem Poop Shake video is shocking, to say the least, and raises questions about the kind of content that public figures create. As a children’s entertainer, Blippi has a massive influence on young minds, and his past is not something to be ignored. However, it’s clear that Blippi has moved on from his early days as Steezy Grossman and has created a brand that resonates with young audiences. Ultimately, it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not Blippi’s past should affect his present.

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