Bodybuilder’s Wife Speaks Out on Controversial Leaked Video of Alleged Assault

Recently, the internet was buzzing with a viral video of Hwang Chul Soon, a famous bodybuilder, allegedly assaulting his wife. The video showed a woman, supposedly his wife, being hit by the muscular athlete in a dining room. The video shocked the public and raised concerns about domestic violence.

However, Hwang Chul Soon’s wife came forward and clarified the situation. She revealed that the video and photo were staged and shared by her to only a select few acquaintances to track down the individuals spreading negative rumors about her husband.

The Viral Video

The video that went viral on social media showed a woman sitting in a dining room when Hwang Chul Soon, her husband, suddenly strikes her in the face. The video sparked outrage and raised questions about domestic violence in the bodybuilding industry.


The Battered Face Photo

Along with the video, a photo of Hwang Chul Soon’s wife with a battered face was also widely circulated. The bodybuilder’s wife confirmed that the photo was real, but it was taken during a different incident. She explained that she had shared the photo and video on her Instagram story, which was only visible to a select few acquaintances, to catch the individuals responsible for spreading rumors about her husband.


The Truth Behind the Video

After the video went viral, Hwang Chul Soon’s wife spoke out and clarified that the video was staged. She explained that it was part of her plan to catch the people spreading negative rumors about her husband. She apologized for causing concern to so many people and explained that the video and photo were only shared with a select few acquaintances.

The Aftermath

Hwang Chul Soon’s wife concluded by saying that if the video and photo were factual, she would have contacted the authorities and informed the press. She urged the public to stop speculating and confirmed that she and her husband are living happily as a family.

The controversy surrounding the leaked video of Hwang Chul Soon assaulting his wife was a hot topic on the internet. However, after Hwang Chul Soon’s wife spoke out, the truth behind the video was revealed. It serves as a reminder that not everything we see on social media is what it seems, and we should be careful about jumping to conclusions without all the facts.

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