Cat in Blender: Perpetrator Identified and Condemned by Netizens – A video of a cute animal being tortured by being put into a blender is still making headlines. The perpetrator of this heinous act against a cat has been apprehended by Chinese authorities.

The culprit, Xu Zhihui, also known as “Jack Spicy Strip” on social media, is a blogger who often sells such videos on the internet in search of popularity and money. After the incident went viral, he was reportedly fired from his job by his colleagues.

Xu Zhihui has faced harsh criticism and condemnation from many people, and he has issued a statement on his personal account apologizing for his actions. In his statement, he expressed regret for what he had done and apologized to everyone.

The video, which is 1 minute and 6 seconds long, shows the cat being put into the blender, while the perpetrator slowly tortures the animal and presses the blender button several times. Many people who have seen the video have condemned the perpetrator’s cruel actions and expressed their outrage.

Fortunately, the Chinese authorities have apprehended the person responsible for this crime against an innocent animal. The perpetrator is now facing the consequences of his actions and the public outrage that they have caused.

The Identity of the Perpetrator and His Motivations

Xu Zhihui, also known as “Jack Spicy Strip,” is the perpetrator of the horrific crime against a cat. He is a blogger who often sells videos of animals being tortured and abused on the internet, in search of popularity and money. His actions are reprehensible and have no place in a civilized society.

Public Outrage and Condemnation

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The video of the cat being put into the blender and tortured has sparked outrage and condemnation from people all over the world. Many have taken to social media to express their anger and disgust at the perpetrator’s actions. Such acts of animal cruelty are unacceptable and must be condemned by all.

Apology and Consequences

After being apprehended by Chinese authorities, Xu Zhihui has issued a statement apologizing for his actions. He has expressed remorse for his actions and has apologized to everyone affected by them. However, his actions have consequences, and he must face them. He has been fired from his job and is now facing legal charges for his crime.

The Video and Its Impact on Society

The video of the cat being put into the blender has had a profound impact on society. It has brought the issue of animal cruelty to the forefront of public consciousness and has sparked a global conversation about how we treat animals. Many people have been inspired to take action against animal cruelty, and this video has served as a catalyst for change. So you can watch video here below links.

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The cat in the blender video is a tragic reminder of the cruelty that still exists in our society. However, it has also brought about a renewed focus on animal welfare and has inspired many to take action. We must continue to speak out against animal cruelty and work towards a society where such acts are no longer tolerated.

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