Denise Frazier Dog Viral Video – Who Is Denise Frazier?

A Mississippi woman is facing serious legal consequences after allegedly having s**ual intercourse with a male canine. Denise Frazier, 19, was arrested on aggravated cruelty charges after a concerned resident alerted local authorities to a Snapchat video that purportedly showed her engaging in the act with the dog.

Disturbing and Graphic Videos

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is in possession of several videos that are too graphic to release or discuss publicly. Sergeant JD Carter, who has been in law enforcement for 17 years, called this case one of the most disturbing he has ever investigated. The investigation is ongoing, and there may be additional videos filmed in other counties. Nearby sheriff’s departments have been alerted to this possibility.

Alleged Admission and Claims

Frazier allegedly admitted to being the person in the video, though this has yet to be verified. However, she claims that she was forced to do it and that people paid her for the videos. There is currently no evidence to support this, but it is under investigation.

Dogs Seized and Taken to Animal Hospital

The dogs in question were seized from the residence where Frazier was arrested and taken to a local animal hospital. One of the dogs was a German shepherd that Frazier referred to as a “service dog.”

Legal Consequences

Frazier has been charged with animal cruelty and unnatural intercourse and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. While animal cruelty is punishable with up to six months in prison and a fine, unnatural intercourse carries a much harsher sentence.


This case is disturbing and tragic for everyone involved, particularly the animals. It highlights the importance of reporting animal cruelty to local authorities, who can take action and protect innocent creatures from harm. We must continue to educate society on the importance of treating animals with respect and kindness. Let us hope that justice is served in this case and that Frazier’s actions serve as a warning to others who would commit such heinous acts.

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