DJ Roja’s sister Christine Nampeera threatened with leaked adult video

DJ Roja’s sister, Christine Nampeera, a Twitter sensation, has recently been the victim of an anonymous man who threatened to leak her adult videos. This news has caused a stir on social media, with many people coming forward to express their disgust and outrage.

The Threat

According to reports, the anonymous man contacted Nampeera through WhatsApp, introducing himself as one of her followers. He claimed to have always wanted to discuss something privately with her and offered her $500 for a private moment. He also promised to keep everything between the two of them.

Christine Nampeera

The man then sent her a video of her dancing erotically in a yellow dress at a party, claiming that he had been obsessed with her ever since he saw it. He even went as far as to promise to always travel with her abroad with all expenses paid for by him.

Nampeera’s Response

Despite the man’s persistent efforts, Nampeera refused to engage in any conversation with him. Instead, she brought the issue to Twitter, sharing her experience with her followers. She also denied being the girl in the video, stating that she didn’t even look like her.

Nampeera went on to warn the man and others like him, saying that if anyone sends such content to her, she would post their number and name for their family to see.


The news of Nampeera’s ordeal has sparked outrage on social media, with many people expressing their support and sympathy for her. Some have even called for action to be taken against the anonymous man who threatened her.

In Conclusion

Nampeera’s experience is a reminder of the dangers of sharing personal content online. It is essential to be cautious and protect one’s privacy at all times. It is also important to stand up against such threats and call out those who perpetrate such acts.

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