Ex-boyfriend who killed young woman claims he was seeking a response to marriage proposal

In a testimony to the Civil Police, the ex-boyfriend of Emily Bispo da Cruz, 20, who was fatally stabbed at least 15 times on Thursday (16th), said that he went to the victim to demand a response regarding his marriage proposal and killed her out of jealousy after discovering that she was seeing someone else. Antônio Aluízio Conceição Maciano was the victim’s ex-boyfriend and did not accept the end of their relationship.

The crime occurred in the Pedra 90 neighborhood of Cuiabá. A video shows Emily being pursued, approached by Antônio, and brutally stabbed to death in front of her son. The victim was taken to a health facility in critical condition but did not survive the injuries.

In his statement to the police, Antônio said that he was passing by the avenue near the victim’s house and saw her walking on the street with her son. He returned and went towards her. He left his motorcycle on the ground and said, “I need to talk to you.” He referred to the response he was waiting for from the victim regarding his marriage proposal and also wanted to understand why she was seeing someone else.

At this point, the young woman started screaming, “Help me, help me,” and Antônio covered her mouth with his hands and asked her to stop screaming. Then he began pulling Emily to calm her down, but when she continued screaming, Antônio claims he became angry and drew the knife from his waist, stabbing her. He said that he then threw the knife on the ground, got on his motorcycle, and left. He was arrested hours later.

No Money and Alone

Antônio also revealed that regarding the second and final break-up, the victim was experiencing financial difficulties and was not sure what she wanted. She asked for time in the relationship for that reason. Therefore, Antônio proposed to marry her, but did not receive a response and was blocked on social media and WhatsApp last week.

Last week, Antonio found himself passing by a tobacco shop and saw Emilly. He entered the place and asked about the response to the marriage proposal, but the young woman did not say anything at that time. There was a fight between Antônio and two of Emilly’s friends, and he left.

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As he did not get a response from the victim and discovered that Emily was seeing another man, Antônio said that he became upset and decided to look for her. Around 6 a.m. on Thursday, he left home with a knife on his waist and went to the neighborhood where the victim lived because he already knew her routine, and at that time, Emily usually took her son to daycare.

“I did not leave home with the intention of killing the victim but to try to understand what was happening or reconcile with her.” You can watch full video here.

The Crime

According to the Military Police, the suspect struck the victim several times, hitting her in the abdomen, chest, and back. She was assisted by locals and taken to the Polyclinic of Pedra 90 but was confirmed dead shortly afterward.

Preliminary information indicates that the suspect resigned from his job on March 10th. The suspicion is that he premeditated the crime.

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