Finding Love: Sheebah Kalungi on her Search for a Partner

Ugandan singer, Sheebah Kalungi, has recently made headlines with her announcement that she is not a lesbian and is actively searching for a man to be her partner. Despite being a feminist icon, Sheebah has clarified that she is not easily lured into a relationship because of money and instead, requires certain qualities from any potential partner.

Approaching Sheebah: Do’s and Don’ts

If you are a man who is interested in Sheebah, there are some guidelines you must follow before making any moves. Sheebah has made it clear that she values intelligence and wisdom in a partner. This means that any approach should be well-thought-out and considerate. Additionally, creativity and a strong drive for success are also qualities that Sheebah desires in a partner.

Searching for True Love

Sheebah has always been known for being a strong advocate for women’s rights, but that does not mean she is not looking for love. The singer emphasizes that her partner must be able to provide her with the emotional support that she needs while pursuing her career.

To me, a man can’t throw me money and you can’t buy me. I already have that. I need a person who has what I need that I don’t have because as a human I have what I need.

I come from a broken home and maybe as a man, you could be having stability from your family that I need that since I grew up with a single mom.

Even if we have the same goals to achieve but a man is a mediocre, I can’t manage to be with him because I want to meet someone who is hungry for success and I always want more.


The Importance of Money

While money is important, Sheebah has made it clear that it is not the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing a partner. In fact, she prefers someone who values her for who she is rather than what she has.


In conclusion, Sheebah Kalungi is actively looking for a man who possesses certain qualities such as intelligence, creativity, and ambition. While money is important, it is not the most critical factor in her decision to choose a partner. So, if you are interested in approaching Sheebah, make sure to keep these guidelines in mind.

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