“I am Still A Virgin At 33 Years Old” – Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko Declares

In a recent interview, Destiny Etiko shocked many when she revealed that she is still a virgin at the age of 33. She explained that her social anxiety has been a significant factor in her decision to abstain from s*3xual relationships. Despite being an actress and having a public persona, Destiny Etiko struggles with social anxiety, which has affected her relationships and personal life. She further stated that she has not yet found a relationship that has progressed to a physical level due to her anxiety and her desire to take things slow. Her candid revelation has sparked discussions and debates about virginity, relationships, and personal choices, with many expressing admiration for her decision to prioritize her mental health and well-being.

Destiny Etiko, the renowned Nollywood actress, recently spoke out against the trend of living false lives on social media during an interview with OakTv. She emphasized the negative impact of portraying an inauthentic lifestyle on social media, stating that it unintentionally drives away potential aides for one’s destiny. In this article, we will explore Destiny Etiko’s views on this issue and why she advocates for being genuine and real on social media.

Destiny Etiko’s Candid Confession about Her Personal Life

In the interview, Destiny Etiko made a candid confession about her personal life. She revealed that despite her fame and success, she is still a virgin due to her crippling social anxiety, which has prevented her from entering into romantic relationships that go beyond a certain level. This revelation showcases Destiny Etiko’s vulnerability and authenticity, as she openly shared a personal aspect of her life that is often considered taboo in the entertainment industry.

The Dangers of Living False Lives on Social Media

Destiny Etiko passionately spoke about the dangers of living false lives on social media. She highlighted that when individuals portray an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle on social media that does not align with their reality, they are unintentionally pushing away potential helpers for their destiny. People assume that they are already living a comfortable life, and therefore, they may not feel the need to extend assistance or support. Destiny Etiko stressed that this can hinder one’s progress and growth, as it prevents genuine connections and opportunities from arising.

The Negative Impact of Fake Lives on Mental Health

Another crucial aspect that Destiny Etiko emphasized is the detrimental impact of living fake lives on mental health. She stated that constantly pretending to be someone you are not on social media can lead to anxiety, stress, and even depression. The pressure to maintain a facade and constantly seek validation from others can take a toll on one’s well-being. Destiny Etiko encouraged people to prioritize their mental health and strive for authenticity in their online presence.

Destiny Etiko’s Personal Approach to Social Media

Destiny Etiko shared her personal approach to social media during the interview. She revealed that she believes in being real and genuine, even with her success and financial status. She mentioned that she would openly admit if she is managing her resources or facing challenges. She emphasized that she would never portray a lifestyle that she does not genuinely possess. Destiny Etiko stated that if she comes across a link or an opportunity, she would gladly share it with others. Her approach to social media reflects her values of honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

The Benefits of Authenticity on Social Media

Destiny Etiko highlighted the numerous benefits of authenticity on social media. She emphasized that being genuine and real allows for genuine connections to form, which can lead to meaningful opportunities and collaborations. Authenticity fosters trust and credibility, which are essential in building a positive online presence. It also promotes mental well-being, as individuals do not have to constantly maintain a facade or seek validation from others. Destiny Etiko urged people to embrace their true selves and be authentic in their online interactions.

Rising to Stardom: Destiny Etiko’s Breakthrough Movie

While Destiny Etiko has acted in several movies, it was her role in the movie “Idemili” that brought her to stardom. Produced in 2012 by Ernest Obi, “Idemili” featured Destiny in the role of Grandma Ekemma, alongside other Nollywood stars such as Eve Esin, Ebele Okaro, Pete Edochie, and Patience Ozokwor. The movie was released in 2014 and received critical acclaim, propelling Destiny Etiko into the limelight. Since then, she has appeared in numerous blockbuster movies, showcasing her exceptional acting skills and captivating her fans with her performances.


In conclusion, Destiny Etiko’s interview with OakTv sheds light on the importance of being genuine and real on social media. She passionately advocates against the trend of living false lives and emphasizes the negative impact it can have on one’s destiny, mental health, and overall well-being. Destiny Etiko’s candid confession about her personal life and her own approach to social media serves as an inspiration for others to prioritize authenticity in their online presence.

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