Is Mauro Rossiello’s Boyfriend on a Dating App? TikTok Users Weigh In

The relationship between Mauro Rossiello and his boyfriend seems to be a beautiful and happy love story, but some social media users are claiming that there is something amiss. According to them, Rossiello’s boyfriend, in addition to his relationship with Bebeeee, has a hidden life on Tinder. TikToker Giada Longoni claims to have found him among her matches on the dating app.

The Evidence Presented by Giada

After watching a video of Mauro using the “Che antipatico il tuo ragazzo, gli ho chiesto un passaggio e mi ha chiamato un taxi” trend, Giada wrote in the description, “Il mio maranzino è fedele😙” (“My boyfriend is faithful”). She decided to stitch the video to refute Mauro’s statement.

@maurorossielloIl mio maranzino è fedele😙🫡♬ sonido original – Teo (Damien’s bf) ★!!

According to Giada, her claims and evidence suggest that the so-called “Maranzino” is not faithful. She alleges that Flexer added her on Tinder, and to back up her claims, she showed her proof:

“I don’t know if this is destiny or not, but I saw your video with ‘Il mio maranzino è fedele’ written on it. Now, I don’t know if you’re doing this for personal gain or if you’re really together, but in case there is an intruder on my Tinder. If you’re doing this for hype, be careful because you might find people who know you. If you’re not doing this for hype, dear, change your partner because maybe he’s not that reliable. Or maybe he just likes guys from Cinisello. But don’t worry, I’m happy to leave him to you.”

The Divided Opinions on TikTok

TikTok users are divided between those who believe that the story between the two is true and that they truly love each other, and those who think that it is just a staged performance for hype. Some even suggest that Flexer is only interested in Mauro Rossiello’s social media fame and does not really love him, and that he is mocking him. However, neither of them has responded to these accusations, even though some have asked them to watch Giada’s stitch and give an explanation.

@giada.longoni #stitch con @Mauro Rossiello🪬 eh gioia, è il fascino dei CINISELLESI😅 IG @giada.longoni #perte #foryou #ironic #tinder #cinisello #trend #greenscreen ♬ suono originale – Giada Longoni | Bella & Gnocca


While it remains unclear whether or not Mauro Rossiello’s boyfriend is indeed on Tinder, the accusations and evidence presented by Giada Longoni have created quite a stir on social media. As with any story, there are those who believe it and those who do not. However, it is always important to remember that we should not jump to conclusions until we have all the facts.

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