Laide Bakare Indianapolis Video Scandal: What Really Happened

Nigerian actress and producer Laide Bakare recently found herself at the center of a scandal after a video allegedly featuring her was leaked on social media. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what happened and how Bakare responded to the situation.

Who is Laide Bakare?

Laide Bakare is a well-known Nigerian actress and producer who has been active in the film industry since 2003. She has appeared in numerous films, including Ewon Ife, Body Bag, Madami, and Olukoti, and has also produced movies such as Adun euro 2 and Mi’ Motorola.

What Happened?

On social media, rumors began to circulate that Bakare had been involved in a leaked video scandal. According to reports, her supposed lover in Indianapolis, USA, released a private video of her to WhatsApp groups, which then went viral.

However, Bakare was quick to respond to the allegations and denied that any such video existed. She posted a statement on her social media accounts stating that the rumors were false and that she was the victim of a malicious smear campaign.

Despite Bakare’s denials, the rumors continued to spread on social media, with some outlets claiming that they had seen the alleged video.

Bakare’s Response

In response to the situation, Bakare remained calm and composed, brushing off the harsh criticisms and seeming unconcerned. She even responded to some of the comments from her supporters, thanking them for their messages of support.

Finally, Bakare released an official statement addressing the situation. She reiterated that the rumors were false and that she had never been involved in any such video scandal. She also thanked her fans for their support during this difficult time.

Laide Bakare Indianapolis Video Scandal


While the rumors surrounding Laide Bakare’s alleged video scandal may have caused a stir on social media, the actress has remained steadfast in denying the allegations. With her loyal fan base standing by her side, Bakare has weathered the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

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