Lars Pacheco Nipple Slip Video Viral – Lars Pacheco Wardrobe Malfunction Showtime

Lars Pacheco has recently been making headlines for an unfortunate reason. A video of her experiencing a wardrobe malfunction during a Showtime video went viral, causing a buzz on social media. Many who have watched the clip are now curious about Lars Pacheco, who she is, and how this event might affect her career. In this article, we’ll delve into her background and shed light on the incident and its potential impact on her career.

Who is Lars Pacheco?

Lars Pacheco is a former beauty contest winner, social media influencer, and model from Manila, Philippines. Her real name is Raymond Lars Pacheco. With her striking appearance and impressive skills, she has gained a substantial fan base on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Her followers are eager to learn more about her age, family, boyfriends, net worth, height, weight, and hobbies.

Lars Pacheco’s Biography

Lars Pacheco is a kind and compassionate individual, as reflected in her social media presence. She has her own YouTube channel, where she uploads her travel videos and collaborates with various famous brands for social media campaigns. She has a middle-class background and a supportive family in Manila, where she resides. Her father is a businessman, while her mother was a housewife. She has a younger sister who is also cute like her.

Career Highlights

Lars Pacheco started her career as a social media influencer in 2016, but she gained widespread fame and recognition when she won the MISS GAY Pageant in 2017. She then launched her own YouTube channel, which currently boasts over 400k subscribers. She has also amassed more than 167k followers on Instagram, where she promotes skincare products of renowned brands.

Lars Pacheco’s Romantic Life

Lars Pacheco has had a few significant romantic relationships. In 2018, she had a brief fling with Gino Monreal Hinolan, her makeup artist. The couple was adored by her fans and followers, but they split up later that year due to personal issues. Lars then publicly announced the breakup on Facebook. She was later seen with Clyde Vivas, another social media star, and the couple recently announced their engagement in a private ceremony.

Lars Pacheco’s Net Worth

As a social media influencer, Lars Pacheco’s income sources include YouTube and Instagram. Her net worth is reportedly around $500,000 US dollars, with an average monthly income of approximately 3k US dollars from her online ventures.

The Showtime Video Wardrobe Malfunction

While performing in a Showtime video, Lars Pacheco suffered a wardrobe malfunction that went viral on social media. The video clip shows her struggling to keep her top on as it repeatedly slides down. Although embarrassing, such incidents are not uncommon in the entertainment industry. Therefore, this episode may not have a significant impact on Lars Pacheco’s career. So you can watch video here below links. 👇🏻👇🏻

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