Madness Jam Madness – Janemena and Korra Obidi’s Sensational Dancing Skills Takes Social Media by Storm (Watch Video) – Janemena and Korra Obidi, two well-known Nigerian dancers, have set social media ablaze with their most recent video collaboration, showcasing their exceptional dancing skills.

The Dynamic Duo of Twerking, as they are often called, were seen gyrating in a bathtub in their joint Instagram photo, a display that has left many social media users in awe.

Recently, Janemena set the bar even higher when she welcomed Korra Obidi at the Asaba international airport with open arms, a gesture that has earned them more admiration from their fans.

Despite being mothers, Korra Obidi and Janemena left nothing to the imagination in the new footage, as they flaunted their enviable physiques in tiny gowns that left little to the imagination.

In the video, Janemena effortlessly displays her incredible twerking skills in the bathtub, while Korra Obidi shows her support with a reassuring look.

The description for the video read, “We are SO hyped for KORRA VIDEO SHOOT THIS AFTERNOON.” From 4 pm yesterday till 5 am today, we recorded content. We were exhausted when we finally woke up.

What Makes Janemena and Korra Obidi’s Dance Video Stand Out?

Janemena and Korra Obidi are not your average dancers. They are a rare breed of talented performers who have built a massive following with their unique style of dance. Here are some of the things that make their dance video so exceptional:

  1. Unique Choreography: Janemena and Korra Obidi have a distinctive style of choreography that sets them apart from the rest. They combine different dance styles such as twerking, belly dancing, and hip hop to create a mesmerizing performance.
  2. Incredible Skill: It is evident from the video that Janemena and Korra Obidi are exceptional dancers. Their movements are precise, and they execute their choreography with ease, making it seem effortless.
  3. Confidence: Both dancers exude confidence in their performance, and this is evident in the way they carry themselves. They are comfortable in their skin and are not afraid to show it.
  4. Energy: The energy in the video is contagious, and it is impossible not to be drawn into the performance. Janemena and Korra Obidi’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it is evident that they are having fun. So you can watch video here below links.₪ Watch and Download 1Click Link 01
    Watch and Download 1Click Link 02


Janemena and Korra Obidi’s dance video is a perfect example of how talented individuals can use social media to showcase their skills and build a massive following. Their unique choreography, incredible skill, confidence, and energy are just some of the things that make them stand out. It is no wonder that their video has taken social media by storm, and we can only expect more great things from these two amazing dancers.

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