Mexican Music legend Fito Olivares Has Died – Fito Olivares Death muere murio died de muerte ‘Juana la cubana’

Fito Olivares, singer of the popular song “Juana la cubana”, has passed away, as confirmed by his wife in an interview on Raúl Brindis’ YouTube program. In this article, we will delve into Fito Olivares’ life and career and pay tribute to his musical legacy.

Who was Fito Olivares?

Fito Olivares began his musical career in 1961 at the young age of 16. He got his start by recording the CD of Camargo Tamaulipas. This led him to be invited to join the Dueto Estrella, a musical band based in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, in 1962. There, he quickly established himself as a great performer with the hit song “Ya no eres mía”, which was included in Dueto Estrella’s first LP.

Aside from playing the accordion, Fito Olivares also learned to play the drums, piano, and bass. He also formed a great partnership with Sigifredo Olivares, another singer and composer from Dueto Estrella, who gained great fame with the single “El caminante”. After achieving huge success, the group embarked on their first national and international tour.

Fito Olivares Death

Sadly, Fito Olivares passed away due to a very aggressive cancer that greatly affected his body. He was diagnosed about eight months ago, and the doctors gave him a certain amount of time to live, but he managed to live a little longer than expected. His cancer was called multiple myeloma, a cancer that affects the white blood cells, bone marrow, and bones, and he was already very weakened.

In the interview, Fito Olivares’ wife revealed that he had a bad night and passed away. She expressed her sadness, stating that she was with him the whole time and knew that the end was near.

Remembering Fito Olivares

Fito Olivares’ legacy in the music industry will always be remembered. His popular song “Juana la cubana” became an instant classic and has been played in parties and events for decades. The catchy tune and upbeat rhythm of his music were loved by people all around the world.

Fito Olivares’ talent and passion for music were apparent in every performance he gave. He continued to produce music throughout his career and collaborated with many other great musicians. He will always be remembered as one of the most influential musicians of his time.

In conclusion, Fito Olivares’ death is a great loss to the music industry and his fans. We will forever be grateful for his contributions to the world of music and for the joy he brought to our lives. Rest in peace, Fito Olivares.

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