Michael Jackson’s Revelation About Princess Diana Shocks the World

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is once again making headlines, this time with a bombshell revelation about the late Princess Diana. Lisa Marie Presley, Jackson’s former wife, revealed that he dropped a major bombshell regarding the Princess during their time together.

Jackson’s tumultuous life was marked by various controversies, and his emotional struggles were evident. According to a report by Yahoo, Presley has stated that Michael would often drink and curse, and his voice was not always in the high-pitched tone he was known for. The two of them visited a children’s hospital together and were seen holding hands in public.

Presley’s much-documented time with Jackson involved some awkward public displays of affection, notably at the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards, which she later said was not her idea, but part of a PR machine. There was also increasing strain between them over the issue of having children, and she eventually gave Jackson an ultimatum – her or drugs. The marriage ended in divorce in January 1996.

However, it is Michael Jackson’s revelation about Princess Diana that is currently causing a stir. Weeks after Presley and Jackson married, he spoke to a mutual acquaintance, Schilling, about her music career. Jackson asked Schilling, “What’s this about Lisa and recording?” In what Schilling believes was likely a mutual decision on both Presley and Jackson’s part, her first major shot in the music business was put on pause. Schilling recalls Jackson saying, “It would be like Princess Di cutting an album. She doesn’t really need that.”

While some may question the truth of this revelation, it is undoubtedly a fascinating insight into the world of two global icons. Princess Diana was renowned for her humanitarian work and her impact on fashion and culture, while Michael Jackson was one of the most successful and influential pop stars of all time. Both of them died tragically, and their legacies continue to inspire and captivate people around the world.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson’s revelation about Princess Diana is yet another reminder of the complex and fascinating lives of these two iconic figures. While there will always be controversy and speculation surrounding them, their impact on the world of music, fashion, and culture is undeniable. Whether or not Jackson’s revelation is true, it has certainly caused a stir and added to the mystique surrounding these two legends.

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