Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM) Axia Girl First Reply After Viral Video

Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM) – A recent incident in Malaysia has caused confusion on social media, as a young couple was allegedly caught “in the act” in a public parking lot by a Malaysian-Chinese netizen, who then proceeded to upload the video online, causing a stir.

In the video, when asked in Malay what they were doing, the male in the video responded that his girlfriend was “sakit,” causing a frenzy among netizens. However, the real confusion began when a teenage girl was mistakenly identified as the “sakit” protagonist due to her outfit.

The girl was wearing a Red Crescent uniform, sitting on the lap of a man, which caused a wave of memes and jokes on social media about the uniform and the “sakit” incident. Unfortunately, one teenage girl who happened to wear the same uniform was mistakenly identified as the “female lead” in the “sakit” incident.

The mistaken identity caused the girl to take to social media on April 6, Thursday, to clear up any misconceptions, stating that she was not the “sakit” protagonist. She explained that she had posted a video on TikTok on April 2, Sunday, wearing the uniform, and the video had garnered around 8,000 views on the first day. However, on the following day, the video views skyrocketed to 100,000, and she received nearly 300 negative comments.

Shocking Axia Couple Viral Video

The teenage girl uploaded the video, where she was seen doing cute hand gestures in the Red Crescent uniform. However, due to the mistaken identity, one netizen posted her photo in the comments section of a post about the “sakit” incident, claiming she was the female lead.

Many netizens flooded the girl’s TikTok account with messages such as “sakit ke?” and “sakit ke amoi,” causing her to clarify that she was not the “female lead” in the “sakit” incident.

Bulan Sabit Merah Video – Axia Viral Video – Red Crescent Moon Viral Video

The girl expressed her disappointment that she was being associated with the incident for no reason and requested that people understand the situation before making assumptions. She concluded by saying that she was not the “female lead” and did not have the audacity to do such things. you can watch full video here and here.

In conclusion, the incident highlights the importance of verifying information before jumping to conclusions, as it can have a negative impact on innocent individuals. The teenage girl was falsely accused and had to defend herself from online hara*sment due to the mistaken identity. Therefore, we must always be mindful of the impact our actions can have on others, especially in the age of social media.

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