Pria Nikahi 2 Wanita Sekaligus – Men Marry with 2 Girls at Once – A video that went viral on social media shows a man marrying two women at the same time. The groom is seen standing in the middle of the two brides, with all three looking very happy and in love.

The video, which was uploaded on Instagram by @makassar.iinfo on Friday, September 18, 2020, shows the two women holding the groom’s hand tightly. They are all smiling towards the camera.

The groom is dressed in a grey suit, while both brides are wearing matching bridal gowns and hijabs. The brides are heavily made up, with bold makeup and stunning hairdos, making them look like dolls. Both brides have their heads resting on the groom’s shoulders lovingly.

While the video has gained attention for the groom marrying two women, netizens have also been focused on the brides’ makeup and hand gestures.

The Polygamous Marriage

Polygamy is a topic that has always been controversial in Indonesia, and the marriage of the man to two women at the same time has caused a lot of debate. Polygamy is legal in Indonesia, but it is still a contentious issue that is often criticized, especially by women’s groups.

Polygamous marriages are typically between one man and several women, and the man is required to obtain permission from his first wife before marrying again. This tradition is common in Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia, where it is believed to have religious and cultural significance.

However, it is important to note that not all Muslims practice polygamy, and many believe that it is not necessary or even discouraged in Islam. Moreover, there are also legal requirements that must be met before a man can marry multiple women.

The Brides’ Makeup

The brides’ makeup has also been a subject of discussion among netizens. Many have commented on how bold and heavy their makeup looks, while others have praised their stunning appearance.

The brides’ makeup appears to be inspired by the Korean beauty trend, with bold eye makeup and bright red lips. The brides’ hairdos are also elaborate and eye-catching, making them look like dolls.

The Brides’ Hand Gestures

Another aspect of the video that has caught the netizens’ attention is the brides’ hand gestures. Both women are seen holding the groom’s hand tightly, with their fingers interlocked.

Some netizens have speculated that the brides’ hand gestures are a sign of possessiveness and jealousy, while others believe that it is simply a sign of affection and love.


The video of a man marrying two women at the same time has sparked a lot of debate and discussion online. While polygamy is legal in Indonesia, it remains a contentious issue, especially among women’s groups. The brides’ makeup and hand gestures have also been a topic of discussion, with netizens commenting on their bold makeup and possessive hand gestures.

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