Reportera Beatriz Anillo Video Goes Viral While Reporting on Street

Live television broadcasts often capture unexpected moments that make headlines and go viral. From spontaneous kisses to impromptu dancing and even the occasional slip of a swear word, these incidents entertain and surprise viewers. However, one particular event involving Beatriz Anillo, a reporter from 7 TV Cadiz, has left a lasting impact. This article delves into the incident, showcasing the professionalism of Beatriz Anillo and the unique circumstances that unfolded during her live broadcast.

The Setting: Provincial Palace and the Investiture

On that eventful day, Beatriz Anillo found herself reporting from the Provincial Palace, where the investiture of Almudena Martinez del Junco, a member of the Popular Party (PP), was taking place. Positioned amidst the bustling streets, Beatriz diligently carried out her work, relaying information to the viewers with her characteristic professionalism.

A Smile Amidst the Attention

Despite being aware of the watchful eyes around her, Beatriz Anillo maintained her composure and continued reporting. At one point, a faint smile graced her face, hinting at her awareness of the situation. Undeterred, she successfully concluded her live connection, showcasing her dedication to her craft. A colleague who witnessed the incident described it as a uniquely Cadiz moment, capturing the essence of the city’s spirit. The event garnered attention after the video was shared on Twitter, spreading the story of Beatriz Anillo’s poise and professionalism.

Who is Beatriz Anillo?

Beatriz Anillo, a reporter for 7 TV Cadiz, is a professional with an impressive background. She describes herself as curious, educated, responsible, creative, and patient—a perfect fit for her chosen profession. While Beatriz initially preferred working alone, her experiences have taught her the power of teamwork and the multiplied potential of talent in a collaborative environment.

Before joining 7 TV Cadiz in November 2021, Beatriz worked as a correspondent for Diario As in Cadiz for over three and a half years. Additionally, she has been associated with ADG Media and has contributed to sports gatherings on Cadena SER, Onda Cadiz TV and Radio, and Canal Sur Radio.


The incident involving Beatriz Anillo during her live television connection showcases her professionalism and ability to handle unexpected situations with grace. The video that circulated on social media serves as a testament to her commitment to her work and her unyielding dedication to delivering quality news reporting. Beatriz’s background as a journalist and her experiences in various media outlets have shaped her into a well-rounded professional who captivates audiences with her expertise.

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