Rey Mysterio’s Daughter Aalyah Gutierrez Video Leaked: What You Need to Know

Aalyah Gutierrez, the daughter of WWE legend Rey Mysterio, has been making headlines lately due to her involvement in various on-screen storylines. She has also gained popularity among fans for her social media presence, where she updates her 300k followers on her daily life.

One topic that has been of particular interest to fans is Aalyah’s love life. Currently, Aalyah is in a three-year relationship with Joshua Thomas, who is not a part of the WWE. However, prior to Joshua, Aalyah was rumored to be dating soccer player AJ Hernandez.

In addition to these real-life relationships, Aalyah has also been involved in on-screen relationship angles with fellow WWE stars. One such angle was with Buddy Matthews, who is currently in a real-life relationship with Rhea Ripley. During the execution of the storyline, Buddy Matthews expressed discomfort about the kissing scene with Aalyah, but he went ahead with it as it was his job.

Despite the initial discomfort, Buddy supported Aalyah throughout their on-screen relationship and gave her the autonomy to make decisions. Eventually, the storyline was dropped by the management, and Buddy Matthews was released from WWE and later signed with AEW.

Apart from her relationship with Buddy Matthews, Aalyah has not had any on-screen relationships with wrestlers from WWE. However, her brother Dominik Mysterio has been involved in a constant rivalry with their family, which has brought the entire Mysterio family into the limelight.

In conclusion, Aalyah Gutierrez has been in the spotlight recently due to her involvement in various on-screen storylines and her real-life relationship with Joshua Thomas. While she has not had any on-screen relationships with WWE wrestlers apart from Buddy Matthews, her family’s constant rivalries have kept them in the WWE Universe’s limelight.

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