Virginia Montemaggi recently shared a revealing TikTok about her struggles with attending university. The popular creator explained that she experiences frequent panic attacks in the university environment, which has made it challenging for her to keep up with her studies. Virginia is currently studying law at a university in Rome and has previously opened up about her difficulties with studying and taking exams.

The Pressure of University Life

In her latest video, Virginia explains that as soon as she enters the university, she feels anxious and overwhelmed. She feels like everyone is judging her and that she is not on the same level as her peers. She believes that university should be a time for self-discovery and finding out what you truly enjoy, but the pressure to succeed can often make it difficult to focus on anything else.

The Importance of Following Your Own Path

Despite the challenges, Virginia encourages others to pursue their passions and interests and not to see university as a necessary deadline. She acknowledges that she may not be able to graduate on time, but she refuses to sacrifice her social life and the experiences that have shaped her into who she is today.

Taking Control of Your Journey

Ultimately, Virginia reminds us that the pace at which we complete our university education is entirely up to us. We should not feel pressured to conform to society’s expectations or to compare ourselves to others. Each of us has our own unique journey, and we should take ownership of it.

@virginiamontemaggiil concetto ovviamente non è che è giusto stare indietro o altro ma che non dovrebbe riguardare nessuno se non noi il tempo che impieghiamo per concludere un percorso universitario🌈♬ suono originale – Virginia🎀

Final Thoughts

It is essential to acknowledge the stress and anxiety that many students experience while attending university. Virginia Montemaggi’s message is a reminder that it is okay to take your time and follow your own path. It is crucial to prioritize your mental health and well-being, even in the face of societal pressure. By taking control of our journeys, we can achieve success on our own terms.

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