Tebogo Sepale Video: Matlosana Councillor Tebogo Sepale, Sparks Outrage Online with Leaked Video

Viral35.com – Tebogo Sepale Video: In recent days, a video has gone viral on the internet, sparking outrage among netizens. We are referring to the Tebogo Sepale video on Twitter, which has become a trending topic on social media. If you are active on Twitter or other social networking sites, you may have come across news about Tebogo Sepale’s leaked video. People are curious to know what is in the video and who Tebogo Sepale is, prompting many questions.

Tebogo Sepale, also known as Prophet Tebogo Elijah Sepale, is a councilor for Ward 25 in the city of Matlosana municipality. He is making headlines these days due to a video in which he is having s*3xual intercourse with a church member. The controversy has spread widely because the person in the video with Tebogo Sepale is a man.

Serious allegations have been made against Tebogo Sepale, claiming that he uses both men and women who approach him for jobs or employment, asking for s*3xual favors in return. He is accused of having s*3x to give people employment opportunities or favor them for personal gain. A case was registered against him on May 3, 2023. Tebogo Sepale is an ANC Councilor in Ward 25 of the North West Province.

It is alleged that Tebogo Sepale has consistently asked for s*3xual favors from members of the community. Man’s NOT Barry Roux tweeted, “ANC Ward 25 councilor in the city of Matlosana municipality, Tebogo Elijah Sepale is also having s*3x with minors from his church & he’s always recording them. There’s a video of him with a minor. He also runs a church in Kanana Extension & Calls himself Prophet Elijah.” If you are interested in watching the controversial video, you can find it on Twitter.

An obscene video of Tebogo Elijah Sepale leaked on Twitter and Reddit, causing widespread outrage on the internet. As a prominent figure in Ward 25, he allegedly abused his rank and s*3xually abused church members. Many questions may arise in people’s minds after hearing this news. If you are also searching the internet for information on this topic, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have explored this story and discussed every crucial aspect.

As a result of the leaked video, Tebogo Elijah Sepale has been removed from his post. The ANC in the North West Province has suspended him with immediate effect. After the video was leaked, more women came forward with similar allegations of s*3xual misconduct against him. As a result, the ANC had to take a tough decision and suspend Tebogo Elijah Sepale to save the party’s image among the people.

The controversy began after a video of Tebogo Elijah Sepale engaging in s*3xual activity with a man who is reportedly a member of the church went viral on the internet. The allegations against him are that he takes advantage of people who seek his help and asks for s*3xual favors in return. So you can watch video here below links.

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Shile Mavuso confirmed Tebogo Elijah Sepale’s suspension through a tweet that read, “The ANC in the North West Province has suspended one of its councilors in the City of Matlosana (Klerksdorp) following allegations of s*3xual misconduct. Tebogo Sepale has been suspended with immediate effect after more women came forward with similar accusations against him.” Stay tuned to this website for more updates and details on the situation.

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