The Mystery Behind the Viral “Orang Susah” Trend on TikTok

Have you heard of the term “Orang Susah” that has been trending on TikTok lately? If you’re wondering what it means and why it’s so popular, we’ve got you covered.

The Viral Video on TikTok

It all started with a video posted on TikTok by the account @sudahpastiviral. The video features four women wearing hijabs and a man in a black t-shirt having an online conversation. In the background, you can see a graduation gown hanging on a hanger.

When asked about the gown, the man revealed that it was his high school graduation gown and that he had kept it for 20 years as a memento. One of the women then exclaimed, “Orang Susah,” which translates to “poor people” in English.

The Impact of the Viral Video

The video has since gone viral, and the term “Orang Susah” has been trending on social media. Many people are curious about the meaning behind the phrase and why it became so popular.

The term “Orang Susah” is often used to describe someone who comes from a humble background or is struggling financially. However, the context in which it was used in the TikTok video has sparked a debate about its true meaning.

Some people believe that the woman who said “Orang Susah” was mocking the man for keeping his graduation gown for so long. Others think that she was expressing sympathy for the man’s financial situation.

Regardless of its true meaning, the video has garnered over 177.2K likes and 11.5K comments on TikTok, and the term “Orang Susah” has become a popular topic of discussion among netizens.

@sudahpastiviral Viral gaes, ngeliatin baju kenangan sekolag langsung ngatain orang susah, auto jadi foto profile #viral #orangsusah #ometv ♬ Di Coba Coba Hey – AL Tanipu

The Viral Effect on Search Engine Results

The viral video has also had an impact on search engine results, with “PP Orang Susah” becoming a top trending search term. Many people are searching for more information about the phrase and its origins.

In conclusion, the “Orang Susah” trend on TikTok has become a social media sensation, with many people discussing its meaning and significance. While the true meaning behind the phrase may be up for debate, there is no denying the impact it has had on social media and search engine results.

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