Tourist Elisabeth Sauer Killed in Shark Attack While Snorkeling in Egypt – A 68-year-old Austrian tourist, Elisabeth Sauer, was tragically killed in a shark attack while snorkeling on holiday in Egypt. The attack occurred in Sahl Hasheesh, and disturbing footage showed the water turning red with blood after Sauer’s arm and leg were ripped off on Friday.

Passionate about the environment, Sauer was a former councillor who worked for the Austrian municipality of Kramsach as part of The Green Party for six years. She was due to return home two days later on Sunday but met her untimely death before she could.

Identification and Revelation of Another Shark Attack Victim

The identity of another woman who was killed by a shark just 650ft from the first attack is yet to be revealed. The woman, who was staying at the Premiere Le Reve five-star hotel, became the second victim of the shark attack.

Last Words of the Deceased

According to reports, Sauer’s last words were, “I’ll go back in (to the water) for a moment.” It is unclear how she got to the beach after being bitten, but she was later declared dead in an ambulance on her way to the hospital.

Mako Shark Suspected to be the Killer

The Red Sea is home to various endangered shark species, including the Mako shark, which is believed to be the one that attacked and killed Sauer. A Russian man who caught the aftermath on camera said he saw the shark ‘turning and twisting the woman in the water’. He added that Sauer was in a state of shock, and she didn’t even scream or cry.

Tribute to the Deceased

The Kramsach local Green Party, which first identified Sauer, mourned her passing and said, “We mourn the passing of our Elisabeth Sauer, who died in a tragic accident. She will forever be remembered for her warm and humanly connecting way.”

Three-day Coastal Closure

In response to the tragic incident, Egyptian authorities have closed off a stretch of the coastline for three days and banned all sea activities. It is a precautionary measure aimed at preventing any further attacks on tourists who are visiting the country. So you can watch video here below links.

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The tragic shark attack that claimed the life of Elisabeth Sauer is a reminder of the dangers that lurk in the deep waters of the Red Sea. While it is important to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature, it is equally essential to be cautious and vigilant, especially in areas where there are known dangers. The incident is a massive loss to her family and friends, and she will be remembered for her warm and humanly connecting way.

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