Twitch Bans Streamer Kimmikka After Live Stream Goes Viral – In July 2022, Kimmikka opened her Twitch channel and began streaming. With only a few followers, she was still new to the platform and eager to grow her audience. But Kimmikka quickly became an internet celebrity overnight, albeit for all the wrong reasons. After a live clip of Kimmikka went viral on Twitter and Reddit, Twitch banned her from the platform.

Kimmikka Live Stream Incident

The footage of Kimmikka’s relationship while streaming was shared on social media, with the most shared part of her live stream being somewhat vague about what she was doing. However, those who were watching the stream in real-time became suspicious as they noticed some strange movements and changes in Kimmikka’s facial expressions.

Kimmikka’s Response

After the incident, Kimmikka reportedly spoke to Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Luckey and claimed that it was a drunken accident. She ended the live stream as soon as she realized her mistake. However, the damage was already done. Kimmikka only received a seven-day ban from Twitch, but now worries that it could be extended as news of the incident spreads.

Kimmikka’s Future on Twitch

Since that day, Kimmikka has not posted anything on social media, and it is not yet known if she will make a comeback on Twitch or any other platform. This incident serves as a reminder to content creators that anything they do or say on live streams could potentially go viral and have severe consequences. So you can watch video here below links.

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AIELIEEN1’s Similar Incident

Kimmikka is not the first streamer to make headlines for the wrong reasons. AIELIEEN1, another popular Twitch streamer, has also gained notoriety for her streams and has been banned numerous times.


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The incident involving Kimmikka’s live stream serves as a reminder to content creators about the potential consequences of their actions. It is essential to remember that live streams are being watched by an audience in real-time, and anything can be recorded and shared on social media.

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