Uncovering the Mystery of Selim Yalçınkaya’s Murder: Who is Derya Yalçınkaya?

The murder of Selim Yalçınkaya has left many in shock and disbelief. The investigation into his death has led to the discovery of his ex-wife, Derya Yalçınkaya. During a live broadcast, Müge Anlı was surprised to discover messages between Derya and Selim, which she claims shed new light on the case. This article will explore the identity of Derya Yalçınkaya, as well as provide details about Selim’s murder.

Who is Derya Yalçınkaya?

Derya Yalçınkaya is the ex-wife of Selim Yalçınkaya. Selim was found dead on August 11, 2022, in the garage of his home. There was no gun or knife found at the scene, leading investigators to believe that the murder was committed using a blunt object. After the discovery of Selim’s body, his family went to Müge Anlı for help in finding his killer. During a broadcast of the show on November 14, Derya Yalçınkaya made a confession, claiming that she had lied during the investigation out of fear. She also admitted to having explicit photos with her lover, Erdogan.

Müge Anlı’s Reaction

Müge Anlı is a well-known journalist and television presenter in Turkey. She has been following the Selim Yalçınkaya murder case closely and was shocked to learn that Derya Yalçınkaya had been involved. During the live broadcast, Müge Anlı read out messages between Selim and Derya that revealed the extent of their relationship. She also read out messages between Derya and Erdogan that were s3xually explicit in nature. Müge Anlı was visibly upset by the discovery, and she struggled to maintain her composure during the broadcast.

Investigation and Suspicions

Selim’s family has stated that they suspect Derya Yalçınkaya of being involved in his murder. They claim that Derya was having an affair with Erdogan and that Selim had found out about it. This, they say, was the motive for the murder. Derya has denied any involvement in the murder, but her relationship with Erdogan has raised suspicions. You can watch video here.


The murder of Selim Yalçınkaya has left many questions unanswered. The discovery of Derya Yalçınkaya’s involvement has added a new layer of complexity to the investigation. While the motive for the murder is still unclear, the evidence suggests that Derya Yalçınkaya was having an affair with Erdogan, which may have played a role in Selim’s death. The investigation into the murder is ongoing, and we can only hope that justice will be served for Selim and his family.

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