Video: A Japanese Girl’s First Experience of Holi in India: Playful Fun or Inappropriate Behaviour?

Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India. It is a time when people forget their differences and come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil. However, a recent incident involving a Japanese girl playing Holi in India has raised questions about the appropriateness of certain behaviors during the festival.

What Happened?

The incident involved a Japanese girl who was visiting India for the first time during the Holi festival. She was excited to experience the festival and was playing with colors with some local children when a group of boys grabbed her, beat her with an egg, and rubbed her all over with colors. you can watch video here.

The Debate

This incident has sparked a debate about whether this behavior should be considered playful Holi fun or inappropriate behavior towards a girl who was a stranger to them. Some argue that Holi is a festival of joy and fun, and such behavior is typical of the festival’s spirit. However, others contend that this behavior is inappropriate and disrespectful towards women.

Cultural Differences

One factor to consider in this debate is the cultural differences between Japan and India. In Japan, physical contact with strangers is generally avoided, whereas in India, physical contact is more common, especially during festivals like Holi. This difference in cultural norms may have contributed to the girl’s discomfort with the situation.


Another factor to consider is the issue of consent. The Japanese girl was grabbed and forcibly subjected to the behavior without her consent, which is unacceptable. Consent is a critical issue, and any behavior that violates it should be considered inappropriate and unacceptable.

Respect for Women

The incident also raises questions about the respect for women in Indian society. Women in India have long faced challenges such as harassment, violence, and discrimination. This incident highlights the need for greater respect and consideration towards women and their boundaries.


In conclusion, while Holi is a festival of joy and fun, it is essential to respect cultural differences and boundaries. Behavior that violates consent or disrespects women is never acceptable, regardless of cultural norms or traditions. It is crucial to promote a culture of respect, equality, and safety for all.

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