Video Anak Azhar Sulaiman, Leona white b*kini bathing Manda in Tular River – A video featuring Kasih Iris Leona, the daughter of renowned actor Azhar Sulaiman, has taken the internet by storm, captivating netizens and generating widespread discussion. The video has sparked curiosity and questions among media personnel and journalists, who are eager to know whether Azhar Sulaiman has watched his daughter’s viral video. Despite the attention, Azhar Sulaiman has openly stated that he hasn’t had the opportunity to view the video online. In this article, we delve into the contents of Kasih Iris Leona’s viral video, unraveling the reasons behind its popularity and the impact it has made.

Exploring Kasih Iris Leona’s Viral Video:

Azhar Sulaiman’s Perspective: A Father’s Concern
When questioned about his daughter’s viral video, Azhar Sulaiman expressed that he had been unable to find time to watch the video in question. Reportedly, the video featured Kasih Iris Leona in a b*kini, causing an unexpected whirlwind of attention for the actor. Despite this, Azhar Sulaiman, aged 51, conveyed his gratitude that his daughter had chosen to delete the video. As a concerned father, he also expressed his desire for his child to learn from the mistake she had made.

Azhar Sulaiman’s Reaction: Addressing the Issue

In response to his daughter’s white b*kini video, Azhar Sulaiman took to TikTok and shared his thoughts in a brief video clip. He emphasized his gratitude towards Kasih for deleting the video and acknowledged that he would not prolong the matter any further. Like any parent, Azhar Sulaiman expressed his hopes for his daughter’s growth and learning from this experience. To learn more about Azhar Sulaiman’s reaction, continue reading to the next section.

Reactions and Backlash:

Kasih Leona found herself caught in the media’s spotlight and faced criticism after uploading a video of herself bathing in a river alongside her friends. In the video, Azhar Sulaiman’s daughter can be seen donning a white b*kini, showcasing her figure. However, the video did not receive a positive response from her followers and the general public, leading to backlash on various social media platforms. This incident has left Kasih Leona facing the consequences of her actions. Azhar Sulaiman himself admitted feeling uncomfortable when his name became entangled in controversy due to his son. As a father, he expressed his unease, acknowledging the likelihood of facing criticism and being constantly associated with his daughter’s actions.


Kasih Iris Leona’s viral video has sparked a wave of interest and generated significant attention across the internet. The video’s content, featuring Azhar Sulaiman’s daughter wearing a white b*kini, raised eyebrows and triggered a series of reactions, both positive and negative. While Azhar Sulaiman voiced his concerns as a father, hoping for his daughter’s growth and learning, the incident highlighted the consequences and criticisms faced by individuals in the public eye. As the story continues to unfold, stay tuned to this website for further updates on this intriguing matter.

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