Video Popo Barbie dan Patung Viral: TikToker from Kerinci Arrested for Controversial Video

Social media may create or damage a person’s reputation in the digital age. Popo Barbie, a TikToker from Kerinci, is a good example of this. His popular video with a mannequin got him into trouble. His arrest resulted from widespread outcry over the event. We examine the incident’s specifics and fallout in this article.

The Controversial Video

Popo Barbie, a popular TikToker hailing from Kerinci, found himself in a precarious situation when a video featuring him and a mannequin went viral on social media. The video depicted Popo Barbie in a compromising position with the mannequin, and it quickly caught the attention of netizens.

Arrest and Police Involvement

As a result of the video’s circulation, Popo Barbie was apprehended by the local authorities at the Kerinci District Police Station in Jambi province on July 1, 2023. The police took action based on the public’s concern and disturbance caused by the explicit content shared online. Kasat Reskrim Polres Kerinci, AKP Edi Mardi, confirmed the arrest and stated that the investigation was still ongoing.

Popo Barbie’s Clarification

Following his arrest, Popo Barbie came forward to clarify the situation surrounding the viral video. He issued an apology for the video’s dissemination and explained that his Android phone, which contained the video, had been missing for approximately two months. Popo Barbie claimed that the phone was not password protected, allowing anyone who found it to access its contents.

Misuse of WhatsApp

Popo Barbie further revealed that the person in possession of his lost phone continued to use WhatsApp, giving the impression that he was the one operating it. This individual took advantage of the situation by posting the controversial video as their WhatsApp status, thereby attributing the actions to Popo Barbie himself.

Denial of Intent

Popo Barbie insisted that the video was intended solely for personal use and had no malicious intentions. He expressed regret over the incident and firmly denied any involvement in the video’s distribution. Popo Barbie believed that the person who found his phone was responsible for leaking the video to the public. So you can watch video here below links.

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The incident involving Popo Barbie and the viral video featuring a mannequin has raised serious concerns about privacy and the misuse of personal content. It serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of sharing sensitive material online and the importance of safeguarding personal devices. The ongoing investigation will hopefully shed light on the circumstances surrounding the video’s release and bring resolution to this controversial case.

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