Video: Vladimir Putin Uses Body Doubles for Protection

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been the subject of rumors regarding his safety measures. The latest viral video to emerge claims that Putin has been using body doubles to avoid potential harm. The video has been making rounds on social media and news sites alike, fueling speculation about the authenticity of Putin’s public appearances.

BODY DOUBLES: A Safety Measure?

The video suggests that Putin employs up to three body doubles, and that these doubles have been spotted in public, masquerading as the Russian leader. The claim is made by Gerashechenko, an advisor to the internal affairs minister in a war-torn country, who pointed out differences in the neck and chin area in men identified as Putin.

According to the video, images taken of Putin in Moscow on Feb. 21 show him with a thinner neck compared to the jowls of the men pictured in Ukraine Saturday and Sunday. The video also alleges that the weakest double was sent to Mariupol, where it was noticed that he was missing a jaw.


Putin made a surprise appearance in Ukraine over the weekend. It was his first appearance in the Russian-occupied territory since Moscow launched an invasion of the country in 2022. After his visit, the country’s military intelligence rep Andriy Yusov quipped that “a man that looks like Putin visited Mariupol.”


Rumors of Putin using body doubles have been circulating for years. While they have never been proven, the latest video has reignited the debate. The idea of using body doubles as a security measure is not uncommon for political leaders. However, the possibility of Putin relying on this strategy has caused concern among some people.

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Whether or not Putin uses body doubles is still a matter of speculation. However, the recent video has certainly given credence to the rumors. While it is not uncommon for political leaders to take extreme security measures, using body doubles would be a first for a Russian president. As always, Putin remains an enigma to many, and the mystery surrounding his personal security only adds to his mystique.

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