Viral Cosplayer Asamicchi Cheating Video, Asamicchi’s Complete Profile and Everything You Need to Know

Asamicchi, a cosplayer who recently gained viral fame on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter, is currently in the midst of a scandal. Her husband publicly disclosed her affair, leaving netizens curious about the truth behind the news. In this article, we will provide you with a complete profile of Asamicchi, including her biodata and background, the details of the affair, and what led to the scandal.

Asamicchi’s Biodata and Background

Asamicchi’s real name is Asami Hiratasuka, and she hails from Bogor, West Java. She started her career as a cosplayer in 2019 and gained thousands of followers on her personal blog. In 2020, Asamicchi tied the knot with her husband, who later revealed her infidelity on social media.

Details of the Affair and Scandal

Asamicchi’s husband disclosed her affair on Facebook, revealing her conversations and videos with another man on Twitter. The Facebook upload was made by a user named Mercy and showed the cosplayer engaging in communication with the man. Asamicchi’s husband admitted that his wife’s behavior changed since she started cosplaying, and she had cheated on him twice with the same man. Despite this, her husband forgave her.

Unfortunately, the affair did not end there. Asamicchi started seeing another man, which led to her husband’s public disclosure of the affair. The news of her infidelity made her name the talk of the town, with netizens discussing the details of the scandal.


In conclusion, Asamicchi is a cosplayer who gained viral fame on social media. However, her success was marred by the news of her affair and subsequent scandal. Asamicchi’s complete profile and background reveal her as a talented individual with a flourishing career in the cosplaying world. Nevertheless, the scandal that surrounded her affair leaves many questions unanswered. We hope this article has provided you with an insight into Asamicchi’s life and career.

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