Walter White’s Iconic Underwear from Breaking Bad Fetches $32,500 at Auction

Breaking Bad fans had the opportunity to own a piece of the iconic TV show when Walter White’s underwear went up for auction. The auction saw a fierce bidding war, and after 29 bids, the famous tighty-whities were sold for an astounding $32,500. SAXX Underwear, a company known for creating innovative men’s underwear, won the auction and will take home this piece of pop culture history.

Not the Exact Pair Worn by Bryan Cranston

It’s worth noting that this is not the exact pair of underwear that actor Bryan Cranston wore during filming. Instead, it’s a decorative pair that was used for display purposes. While fans might be disappointed to learn this, it’s probably for the best, as the actual pair would likely be uncomfortable and unsanitary after all these years.

According to a tweet by SAXX Underwear, the company couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else subjecting themselves to these undergarments. “We simply could not let another man subject his nether regions to these,” they said.

Made of Cotton and Polyester

The underwear itself is made of a blend of cotton and polyester and has a waist measurement of 40 inches. It features a white elastic waistband with blue and goldenrod accents, which is a trademark of the underwear worn by Walter White in the show.

While the waistband has lost much of its elasticity due to the passage of time, the underwear is still a valuable piece of memorabilia for any Breaking Bad fan.

Matching Sets Worn by Cranston

In the show, Cranston’s character, Walter White, wore matching sets of this underwear throughout the series. The starting bid for the underwear was $1,250, and the auction site estimated that it would sell for up to $5,000. However, the final bid far exceeded that amount, making it one of the most expensive TV memorabilia ever sold.

First Appeared in the Pilot Episode

Fans first got a glimpse of the underwear in the pilot episode of Breaking Bad in 2008. In this memorable scene, Walter, believing he is caught, prepares to end his life, only to find out that his gun is not loaded. This was a relief for him and for fans, as it turned out that the police were not after him and his partner-in-crime, Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking Bad has since been followed by a prequel series, Better Call Saul, and a movie, El Camino. Cranston and Paul have reprised their roles in Better Call Saul and a Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners. While the show may have ended, the legacy of Walter White’s iconic underwear lives on.

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