Watch Alejandrogamboa Video: The Viral TikToker and His Controversial Video

Alejandrogamboa is a rising star on TikTok who gained overnight fame due to a controversial video. In the video, he reads out a comment from a fan who assumed he was a transgender person. The video went viral, and Alejandrogamboa became an instant sensation on the internet.

Real Name and Age of Alejandrogamboa

Alejandro, whose last name is not known, is the real name of Alejandrogamboa. His age is still a mystery, but according to the comments section of his TikTok videos, he may be around 18 years old or younger, possibly 18 years old.

The Infamous Video

The video that propelled Alejandrogamboa to fame features him addressing a comment from a fan who mistakenly believed that he was transgender. In response, he declares that he has male genitalia and even goes on to say that fans can find it on Twitter. His fans went crazy, searching for the Twitter video, but it turns out that it was all just a joke. Alejandrogamboa is not on Twitter, and the video doesn’t exist.

@..alejandrogamboaReply to @jumeko69 its two underscores at the beginning instead of 2 periods♬ original sound – ale

The Backlash

Despite the viral success of the video, there was also backlash from some people who found it offensive. However, Alejandrogamboa responded to the criticism with humor, uploading another video where he mocks himself and his fans’ reactions to the controversial video.

Personal Life of Alejandrogamboa

Alejandrogamboa hasn’t revealed much about his personal life, including information about his family and parents. He mostly posts entertaining and comedic videos on TikTok and engages with his fans in the comments section. He may still be in high school, as his age seems to indicate.

@..alejandrogamboaReply to @sam0421x thats a first😂♬ original sound – ale

Final Thoughts

Alejandrogamboa is a young rising star on TikTok who gained fame through a controversial video. While some people found the video offensive, others found it hilarious, and Alejandrogamboa responded with humor to both the backlash and the praise. Despite his sudden rise to fame, he has kept his personal life private, leaving his fans curious about who he really is outside of TikTok.

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