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The Aerovia Guayaquil cable car is a remarkable transportation system that offers the people of Ecuador a convenient and scenic way to travel between Guayaquil and Durán. However, recently, a viral footage has surfaced, showcasing an unusual incident involving a couple who mistook their cable car cabin for a bedroom, disregarding multiple warnings from the Aerovia security team. This peculiar story becomes even more intriguing due to the presence of a stern warning from the security team, which the passionate travelers seemingly ignored. In this article, we will delve into this incident and examine the implications it has had on the Aerovia transportation system.

The Unsettling Incident

Amidst the breathtaking views and comfortable cabins of the Aerovia Guayaquil cable car, an unexpected event unfolded. Despite the security team’s repeated warnings, a couple mistakenly turned their cabin into an intimate setting. The local press reported that the security announcement blared within the occupied cabin, stating, “Users of cabin 117, I remind you that you are being monitored by security cameras. At the next station, you will be disembarked by security personnel.”

Unperturbed Passion

Even faced with the threat of prosecution and public embarrassment, the couple remained undeterred and continued to explore their newfound connection. Surrounded by fellow passengers, they seemed oblivious to the potential consequences of their actions. In a video capturing the couple’s activities, they were seen making eye contact with the cable car’s security camera for a fleeting moment, displaying a surprising lack of concern.

Consequences and Accountability

The Guayaquil Aerosuspendido Consortium, responsible for operating the Aerovía transportation system, swiftly responded to the incident. The consortium reported that the worker responsible for disclosing the video had been relieved of their duties. Their decision to dismiss the employee underscores the importance of maintaining privacy and upholding security measures within the cable car system.

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The Aerovia Guayaquil cable car has long been a beloved mode of transportation for the people of Ecuador, offering convenience and picturesque views during the journey between Guayaquil and Durán. However, the recent incident involving a couple mistaking their cabin for a bedroom serves as a reminder that proper conduct and respect for security measures are essential. The actions of this couple highlight the need for individuals to be mindful of their surroundings and adhere to guidelines provided by the Aerovia security team. So you can watch video here below links.

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