Watch Dog Screwdriver Eye Video: The Inspiring Story of Recovery – The recent “Dog Screwdriver Eye Video” has caused a stir on the internet, with people reacting in different ways to the disturbing footage. However, the unfortunate reality is that cases of animal cruelty and abuse happen more often than we care to admit. This is the heart-wrenching story of a young pup who was a victim of a burglary gone wrong.

The Incident and Diagnosis

The 11-month-old dog was left with a ruptured eye after being stabbed with a screwdriver during a burglary. Dr. Laura Musgrove, an emergency vet, was called in to treat the pup. She found that the eye had been severely damaged, with tissue from the inside coming out, and the eye not responding to light at all. The lack of normal reflexes when Dr. Musgrove moved her hand towards the pup’s face led her to suspect that there might be deeper injury within the eye.

The Decision and Treatment

The pup was in immense pain, and the decision to remove the damaged eye was made to alleviate it. The process involved removing all the attachments and managing the bleeding. Although it was a difficult decision to make, it was clear that the pup would not have a chance to see again, making the decision easier for Dr. Musgrove and her team.

The Recovery

Despite the trauma the pup endured, he showed resilience and strength during his recovery. He underwent the necessary treatment and is now on the road to recovery. Dr. Musgrove says that the pup is doing well, and they are taking extra care of his remaining eye. Although he has lost an eye, he will heal like any other wound, and the only visible mark may be a small scar.


Cases of animal cruelty and abuse can be traumatizing and heartbreaking. However, this story shows the resilience of animals and the dedication of veterinarians to help them recover. It’s essential to report any suspected cases of animal abuse or neglect and ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. We hope that the pup continues to recover well and that he finds a loving and caring home that he deserves.

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