Watch: Elisa Angius Responds to Gabriel Rennis’ Accusations

The ongoing feud between Gabriel Rennis and Elisa Angius continues over a story published by Rennis with the phrase “Tanto lo so che ti manco” (I know you miss me so much), to which Angius had responded saying she didn’t miss him at all. Rennis had denied that the story was directed at her and accused her of being immature for blocking him. The back-and-forth between the two continues.

In a new TikTok video, Elisa Angius responded to Gabriel Rennis’ accusation by saying that she had blocked him on social media because she didn’t want to see or hear from him, and that she didn’t want to see his embarrassing videos. She emphasized that if Rennis really wanted to write to her without making it public, he could do it on WhatsApp where he wasn’t blocked. Angius also stated that if Rennis publishes a story like “Tanto lo so che ti manco,” it’s normal for people to think it’s directed at her since their followers know their history. Angius then declared that she was tired of the social media world and that she doesn’t post anything on Instagram other than some personal photos, and that she has disappeared from social media in general. She asked Rennis why he would publish the story if he didn’t want it to be public and suggested that he actually wanted everyone to see it.

Furthermore, Elisa Angius revealed that she had fallen in love with Gabriel Rennis during their participation in the reality show “Il Collegio,” but she realized that once she left the program, he was a different person. She stated that she could never fall in love with him again and that the situation at “Il Collegio” might have been different. She also told Rennis not to speak ill of the past they shared together because at that time, he was a different person.

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In conclusion, Elisa Angius’ response to Gabriel Rennis’ accusations sheds light on their ongoing feud, while also providing insights into their past. Angius’ explanation for why she blocked Rennis on social media and her suggestion that he wanted the story to be public adds another layer to the controversy. Her frustration with social media and decision to disappear from it also highlight the negative impact it can have on people’s lives. Finally, Angius’ message to Rennis not to speak ill of their shared past shows that she wants to move forward and put the feud behind them.

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