Watch: Harper Hempel’s Viral Video Scandal with NBA Star Jamal Murray – In March 2020, a scandal involving Harper Hempel and her boyfriend, NBA star Jamal Murray, rocked social media when a private video of the couple went viral. The video, which allegedly appeared on Murray’s Instagram story, caused a stir among fans and media outlets alike.

Harper Hempel is an Instagram celebrity and social media marketing manager with a large following on the platform. She has also had a successful career in volleyball, being selected as a three-time All-State player and earning MVP recognition and a Team Leadership Award in 2011, according to the Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association. Hempel is known for her stunning photography, which she often shares on her social media pages.

However, it is her relationship with Jamal Murray that has garnered the most attention. Murray, who is a famous NBA star, and Hempel have been in a relationship for some time, and their private video that leaked online in March 2020 caused a controversy. In the video, the couple is seen engaging in an moment, which led to criticism from some quarters.

The video was initially shared on Murray’s Instagram story, but it was later revealed that his account had been compromised. Many of Murray’s fans managed to capture screenshots of the video and photographs while they were still in his IG story, which was only up for a brief period of time. Subsequently, the video was circulated on other social media platforms.

The scandal caused confusion for many people, with numerous unreliable sources spreading fake videos that purportedly tied the names of Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray together. Fans and media outlets alike were clamoring for more information and updates on the situation, and the video continued to be a hot topic of discussion even after almost a month of its initial leak.

Despite the controversy, Harper Hempel has continued to maintain a significant following on social media, where she shares glimpses of her life and updates about her personal relationships. Her relationship with Jamal Murray has undoubtedly brought her more attention, but she has also faced her fair share of criticism due to the leaked video scandal.

In conclusion, the viral video scandal involving Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray in March 2020 caused a stir on social media and drew attention from fans and media outlets alike. Hempel, who is known for her social media presence and career in volleyball, has faced both positive and negative attention due to her relationship with Murray. As the controversy continues to simmer, fans and followers of both Hempel and Murray eagerly await any new updates on this high-profile scandal. So you can watch video here below links.

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