Watch: Maling Motor with Beautiful Appearance Goes Viral

A recent case of a motorbike theft has gone viral on social media, as netizens cannot help but be distracted by the thief’s beautiful face.

The incident occurred in Kwancen Village, Bandongan District, Magelang Regency, Central Java.

The thief is a woman who is known to have a strikingly beautiful appearance, making the incident a hot topic online.

According to, many netizens expressed their disappointment in the woman’s actions, as they believe that her beauty does not justify her criminal behavior.

Photos and videos of the thief’s arrest have gone viral on social media, and were first uploaded by the Twitter account @kegblgnunfaedh.

In the footage, the woman can be seen wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.

She also appeared quite relaxed and at ease while being photographed with the police.

Additionally, there are selfies circulating on social media that show the thief posing with other police officers.

Many netizens have since commented on the incident, with some suggesting that being beautiful comes with certain privileges.

“Why take the usual punishment when you can take a selfie instead?” wrote @uchihasaradi in a comment on @kegblgnunfaedh’s post.

“It’s no surprise that good looks are valued above all else here,” wrote @screibble.

“If being good-looking always comes with special privileges, can someone like me, who is not attractive, also get a chance card?” questioned @donipohan7.

“Who has time to pose for a photo while being arrested? Do they think they’re still pretty? Whether you’re beautiful or not, stealing is still a crime,” wrote @racunincenter.

“When you’re good-looking, you can steal, do drugs, or even kill someone, and people will focus more on your appearance than your actions,” commented @sausntartar.

“At least being a beautiful thief won’t cause them to be punished too harshly,” wrote @bangslost.

In conclusion, while many people were captivated by the thief’s beauty, it is important to remember that beauty does not excuse criminal behavior. Regardless of one’s appearance, everyone should be held accountable for their actions.

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