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In a recent incident at Patna Railway Station, an inappropriate video clip was telecasted on all TV screens for almost three minutes. This incident took place on a Sunday night and caught the attention of passengers waiting to board their train. The incident was reported to the force of protection officials who quickly stopped the telecast after receiving complaints from passengers.

The TV screens installed on the railway station platforms were meant for the advertisement of products. However, the telecast of the obscene video clip was a shocking moment for everyone present, especially for those with their family members. The incident has sparked curiosity among people who are searching the web to gather all the details about it.

What Happened at Patna Railway Station?

According to reports, the video played suddenly on the screen, which was supposed to display advertisements. The situation was too shameful as the video played for up to three minutes. Passengers waiting for their train were shocked to see the inappropriate content on the LED screen. The incident was confirmed by Prabhat Kumar, the official spokesperson of the DRM office in Danapur, who said that an inquiry has been started into the incident, and the contract of the private company responsible for telecasting videos and ad films on the platforms of railway stations under the Danapur Division is being cancelled. An FIR has also been filed against the company officials.

The incident caused a commotion at the railway station, and many passengers reported the matter to the RPF and railway station officials. The inappropriate video telecasting made the atmosphere tough for the passengers, and it can’t be ignored as it was a public place with families, friends, and students present. The agency responsible for running the video has been blacklisted by the Railways.

Similar Incidents

This is not the first such incident, as a similar incident had taken place on Sunday morning at the same railway station. The incident has led to controversy, and the response should be punished, as this is not bearable and ignorable behavior. It has been found that the inappropriate video was telecasted from the studio of M/s Datta Communication, Kolkata. Another agency has been hired at Patna Junction, and the operator of the related agency has been summoned. However, all the employees of the agency ran from there after locking the office when this incident took place.


The incident at Patna Railway Station has raised concerns over the safety and security of passengers at public places. The railway authorities have taken strict action against the agency responsible for the incident. Such incidents highlight the need for stringent measures to ensure the safety of people at public places. The incident has caused discomfort and humiliation to many, and it should be dealt with strictly to avoid similar occurrences in the future.Ā So you can watch video here below links. šŸ‘‡šŸ»šŸ‘‡šŸ»

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