Watch: Spice Diana’s Fans Go Wild, Kiss Her Legs Live On Stage

Spice Diana is one of Uganda’s most beloved singers, and her fans always get excited when they see her perform live. Recently, a video of Spice Diana on stage surrounded by fans kissing her legs went viral on social media. This article explores the frenzy surrounding this incident and the impact it had on the singer.

The Best Legs in Uganda

During the concert, Spice Diana made a bold claim that she has the best legs in Uganda. This statement sent the crowd into a frenzy, and they started trying to massage her legs, feel them, and see if they are truly the best legs in the country. This led to fans kissing her legs live on stage, a moment that was captured in the now-viral video.

Fans’ Reactions

Fans react differently when they see their favorite celebrities. Some cry, some hug, and others just want to smell them and see how they are. For Spice Diana, the fans’ reaction was a little overwhelming, but she took it all in stride. She even tweeted about the experience, saying that it got her emotional and thanking her fans for their love and support.

Insuring Her Legs

Spice Diana’s tweet also revealed that she plans to insure her legs. This move is not uncommon among celebrities, especially those who rely on their physical appearance for their livelihood. Insuring body parts like legs, arms, or even vocal cords ensures that the celebrity is protected if anything happens to those body parts. It’s a smart move for Spice Diana, who has built her career on her music and her stunning looks.


Spice Diana’s fans kissing her legs live on stage was a moment that captured the hearts of many Ugandans. It was a testament to the love and adoration that her fans have for her. Spice Diana’s bold claim that she has the best legs in Uganda only added to the excitement, and her decision to insure her legs is a smart move that shows she is serious about her career.

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