Watch: Video of Victor Wembanyama with Britney Spears Slapped in the Face by Security Guard

An altercation between Britney Spears and Victor was captured on recent TMZ footage outside the Catch restaurant in Las Vegas. The video showed Britney walking up to Victor and audibly saying, “Sir, Sir!” with a British accent. In order to throw light on the specifics and make sense of the timeline, this page seeks to offer an outline of the incident and the accompanying inquiry.

The Encounter Unfolds

As depicted in the video, Britney extended her hand and tapped Victor on his left shoulder. However, it is important to note that Victor described this action as Britney “grabbing” him, although the video does not support such a claim. The tap led to an unfortunate chain of events when Victor’s security guard swiftly slapped Britney’s hand away, resulting in incidental contact between Victor’s hand and Britney’s face. The exact nature of the impact remains uncertain, as it is unclear whether Victor’s hand directly struck her face or if the force caused Britney’s hand to unintentionally hit her own face.

Investigation and Findings

Authorities involved in the investigation have concluded that the act was not intentional but rather a reflexive swatting motion by Victor’s security guard to repel Britney’s hand. Despite the incident causing Britney’s glasses to be dislodged, she managed to maintain her balance and did not fall, contrary to her earlier assertion. The video evidence played a crucial role in determining the unintentional nature of the contact.

Britney’s Expressions of Distress

Following the incident, Britney can be heard expressing her clear distress in the video, still in a British accent, by exclaiming, “That’s America for you. F*** you all!” Eyewitnesses present at the scene reported that Britney and her friends proceeded with their dinner plans, although she appeared visibly angered throughout the evening.


In conclusion, the recently obtained video footage sheds light on the incident that took place outside Catch restaurant involving Britney Spears and Victor. The investigation conducted by the Metro PD concluded that no charges would be filed against Victor’s security team, as the incident was determined to be unintentional. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by public figures and the need for security measures to maintain their safety. So you can watch video here below links.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Was Britney physically harmed in the incident?

A: While there was incidental contact between Victor’s hand and Britney’s face, she did not sustain any significant injuries.

Q: What action did Victor’s security guard take?

A: Victor’s security guard swiftly slapped Britney’s hand away, responding to the perceived threat.

Q: Did Britney’s glasses get damaged?

A: Britney’s glasses were dislodged during the incident, but there were no reports of damage.

Q: How did Britney react to the incident?

A: Britney expressed her distress and frustration following the incident, as captured in the video footage.

Q: What were the outcomes of the investigation?

A: The investigation determined that the incident was unintentional, and no charges were filed against Victor’s security team.

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