Why I love to expose my body – Watch Bakare Zainab Opens-up Viral Video

Bakare Zainab, a popular Nollywood actress, has often received criticism for her choice of clothing that exposes her body. In a recent interview with City People TV, she opened up about why she prefers to dress this way.

The 35-year-old actress stated that she wears what she feels comfortable in, not necessarily to expose her body. Nigeria’s hot weather is a major factor in her choice of clothing, as she often feels hot and prefers to dress scantily.

Fashion is about personal comfort and not about other people’s opinions. Bakare is a self-sufficient adult and believes that her choice of dressing is her business. She mentioned that some of her age mates have already given birth and thus, dressing is a personal choice.

It’s refreshing to see Bakare Zainab confidently own her style and stand up for herself. She should not be criticized for dressing the way she likes, especially when it’s solely for her comfort.

Eva Alordiah’s Message for Women on Self-Reliance

In other news, Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah recently shared a post on social media directed towards women who depend on their lovers for everything. The 34-year-old rapper advises women to get a job and be self-reliant instead of relying on men.

Eva encouraged women to date a man because they want to spend quality time with him, rather than just for his money. She believes that money shouldn’t be the only factor in a relationship and that it’s important to look beyond it.

While men are generally providers, Eva suggests that women shouldn’t solely rely on them for financial support. Instead, she encourages women to be self-sufficient and to take control of their lives.

Final Thoughts

Both Bakare Zainab and Eva Alordiah are powerful women who believe in owning their lives and standing up for themselves. Bakare’s fashion choices are her own, and she shouldn’t be criticized for them. Similarly, Eva’s message to women is about self-reliance and empowerment, which is something every woman should strive for. It’s inspiring to see these women use their platforms to inspire and uplift others.

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