Woman from Karawang Cries for Help to Return Home from Syria, Claims She’s Trapped in a Job

A video of a woman from Karawang crying for help to return home from Syria has gone viral on social media. In the video, she claims to be trapped in a job and wants to come back to Indonesia. The woman, identified as Dede Aisyah, has become the talk of the town in Indonesia, and her story has caught the attention of many.

How Did Dede Aisyah End Up in Syria?

According to Detikjabar, Dede Aisyah was promised a job in Turkey with a salary of USD 600. However, when she arrived in Istanbul, she was taken to Syria instead. She claims that she was sold to a company and forced to work there for four years as a domestic helper.

Dede Aisyah’s Cry for Help

In a viral video on social media, Dede Aisyah can be seen crying and begging to return to Indonesia. She says that she has been to the Indonesian Embassy in Syria and sought help from her husband and the police, but no one has come to her aid.

Dede Aisyah claims that she has been working long hours as a domestic helper, and her job has taken a toll on her health. She says that she has to work until late at night and is often exhausted. Moreover, she recently gave birth to a baby through cesarean section, which has made her job even more challenging.

Efforts to Help Dede Aisyah

Dinas Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi (Disnakertrans) Kabupaten Karawang has taken note of Dede Aisyah’s story and is investigating the matter. However, her name does not appear in the Sitkom DLN (Sistem Komputer dalam dan Luar Negeri), which means that she left the country without proper procedures.

Nevertheless, the government is taking steps to bring Dede Aisyah back to Indonesia. Disnakertrans has visited her family’s address and sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate her repatriation.


The case of Dede Aisyah highlights the plight of Indonesian workers who are lured into jobs abroad and end up in difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. The government should take steps to ensure that such cases do not happen again and that Indonesian workers are protected when working overseas. Moreover, we should all extend our support to Dede Aisyah and others like her who need our help and compassion.

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