Woman with 3 Husbands Living Happily Under One Roof

It is not every day that you hear of a woman living with three husbands under the same roof. Nellie, a car dealer, has become the talk of the town in her area. But what is the story behind this unique arrangement?

The Beginning of a Polyandrous Relationship

After the tragic death of her husband, Nellie found love and solace in the arms of his brother, Hassan. They continued living together in the same house. Later, Danny, who had just finished his studies, met Nellie, and she welcomed him to their home. The other two men also welcomed him with open arms.

Jimmy, on the other hand, was found sitting alone, distressed by love. Nellie, being the compassionate woman she is, comforted him and the two became close friends. Eventually, they all accepted each other and decided to live together as husband and wife.

Woman with 3 Husbands Living Happily Under One Roof

Keeping the Men Happy

Nellie boasts of being able to satisfy the needs of all her husbands and treating them equally. She takes pride in making sure they have everything they need and plan how to spend time with each of them in their own bedrooms.

According to Nellie, “Living with three men makes me feel very happy, and I can confirm that my men are also happy because they have everything they want, and I’m sure they wouldn’t cheat on me because I believe I satisfy their needs.”

A Growing Trend?

This is not the first time such a polyandrous relationship has been reported. In September 2022, Farida, who was married to Mugisho Pascal, found herself sharing her husband with two other wives. Mugisho had brought home a second wife who was pregnant, and a year later, he added a third wife to the mix.


Polyandrous relationships are not common in most societies, but they do exist. Nellie and her three husbands have found a way to make their relationship work for them. As long as everyone involved is happy and satisfied, who are we to judge?

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