Xxxtentacion Autopsy Pictures and Video Leaked

The XXXTENTACION murder trial has been underway for several days now, and the proceedings have revealed some shocking details. One such revelation came when a fan named Scott Barbieux was called to the witness stand to explain why he took a photo of the late rapper’s body after he was shot and posted it on social media.

The incident took place on June 18, 2018, at RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Barbieux testified that he and his ex-girlfriend were shopping at the store when they witnessed XXX being robbed and eventually murdered. After the incident, Barbieux used his mobile phone to take a picture of the rapper, who appeared to be dead at the time, and posted it on Snapchat.

During his testimony, Barbieux told prosecutor Pascale Achille that he took the photo because he was a big fan of XXXTENTACION. However, investigators at the scene immediately confiscated his phone. The defense attorney, Mauricio Padilla, cross-examined Barbieux and asked if he had received compensation for the photo, to which he replied that he had not.

The trial has also revealed some information about the suspects. Michael Boatwright, Derry Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome are accused of robbing and killing XXXTENTACION outside RIVA Motorsports. Robert Allen, who was also involved in the fatal shooting, pleaded guilty last August and is now testifying against his co-accused in hopes of a lighter sentence.

According to authorities, Boatwright was the attacker who shot and killed XXXTENTACION during an armed robbery. The suspects stole $50,000 from the rapper, who had just withdrawn the money from the bank.


The XXXTENTACION murder trial has shed light on some disturbing details about the rapper’s death. Scott Barbieux’s testimony reveals the lengths that some fans will go to in order to commemorate their favorite celebrities. However, taking and posting autopsy photos of a deceased individual is a serious violation of privacy and decency. The trial is ongoing, and we can only hope that justice will be served for XXXTENTACION and his loved ones.

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